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Renata Irsa – Official website
Renata Irsa – Official website


Renata Irsa – Official website
Available in Empik stores, on Spotify and other streaming services.

New album "Czerwona spódnica" out, Now!

Available in Empik stores, on Spotify and other streaming services.

About me


I was born with vocal talent, a gift spanning three octaves. I didn’t waste it, I developed it by studying jazz singing at the Academy of Music.

I love to write. I observe complex phenomena and my mind can encapsulate them in a few stanzas. This is how the lyrics of the songs I sing are created.

I’m curious about a lot of things. I studied at five universities, in Poland and in Spain. I know foreign languages, I’m fascinated by travel and people from different cultures, but I don’t lose sight of what’s close by. I don’t dress in extravagance because I like simplicity. I am inspired by everyday life. I observe, listen, empathise, experience, and this is the beginning of the creative process. I often see reality in verse.

I like the sound of real instruments. I enjoy performing with musicians whose virtuosity today is the result of talent and work. I am enthralled by the energy we generate during concerts. I love meeting the audience. I don’t calculate when creating, I only choose great musicians.

We are all real on stage: the words of the songs, the sounds of the music, us.


Renata Irsa, vocalist with a rare 3-octave voice scale, author of lyrics and music, graduate of the Jazz and Stage Music Faculty at the Music Academy in Gdansk. In her work she combines musical genres, most often referring to jazz. The artist wins over her audience with her authenticity, charisma and voice. Women identify with her, men believe her.

The Polish Radio said of Renata Irsa’s first album that it was “an excellent debut”. The new album (“Czerwona spódnica”, Soliton Publishing 2021) is a collection of “superbly composed songs and brilliant, highly intelligent, witty and humorous and, above all, very personal lyrics, which can hardly be found within the Polish Jazz vocal scene lately.” (Adam Baruch, Soundtrack of My Life).

14 musicians collaborated with the artist on the album. One can hear the outstanding playing of Canadian composer and pianist John Roney, pianist and arranger Artur Jurek, the Atom String Quartet, pianist Nikola Kołodziejczyk, trumpeter Emil Miszk, guitarist Maciek Pysz, double bassist Jarek Stokowski, saxophonist Darek Herbasz, drummer Grzegorz Lewandowski, trumpeter Piotr Szlempo, guitarist Krzysztof Paul. As a guest, in the song ‘Pan Mąż’, actor Mirosław Baka sang with the artist.

tel.: +48 505 010 910